The Staffin Dinosaur Museum was established by Dugald Ross in 1976 when he was only a teenager. The species he identified in the area include Stegosaurus, Megalosaurus, Cetiosaurus, Hadrosaurus, and Ceolophysis.

We offer tours of the infamously hard to find Staffin dinosaur footprints. Not to mention you'll get the first hand account from the man who discovered all of the fossils in the museum. Bring the whole family and experience Skye's only dinosaur museum.




The discovery of Middle Jurassic tracks which showed the footprints of an adult dinosaur with young has attracted international interest. 




The world's smallest recorded footprint was found in the Isle of Skye. There is a replica in the museum and the original is in the Hunterian museum. It was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006.